We have just published a bugfix release for Solarus, which is now at version 1.6.5.


Here is the exhaustive list of all changes brought by Solarus 1.6.5. Thanks to all contributors.

Changes for Solarus 1.6.5

Engine changes

  • Add support for suspending the simulation on Window Focus events (!1352).
  • Fix crash when calling command functions before the game is started (#1476).
  • Fix joystick hot-plug/unplug (#1501, #1387).
  • Fix TTF fonts using wrong color for antialiasing (#1390).
  • Fix TTF Fonts not rendering correctly (#1389).
  • Fix a possible crash when starting a timer on a removed entity (#1469).
  • Fix pickables not falling on negative layers.

Lua API changes

This release adds new features but does not introduce any incompatibility.

  • Add methods destructible:get/set_cut_method() (#1526).

Solarus launcher GUI changes

  • Add option to control suspension on Window Focus events.
  • Rename Force Software to Force software rendering.
  • Disable force-software and suspend-unfocused options when quest is running.

Changes for Solarus Quest Editor 1.6.5

  • Map editor: fix crash when generating contours with missing patterns (#494).
  • Map editor: fix resize and edit shortcuts not working sometimes (#272).