We have just published a bugfix release for Solarus, which is now at version 1.6.4. The short-lived 1.6.3 version has been released yesterday, but has been immediately followed by the next one, because of an important bugfix.


Here is the exhaustive list of all changes brought by Solarus 1.6.4. Thanks to all contributors.

Changes in Solarus 1.6.4

Solarus logo

Engine changes

  • Fix macOS port not working since 1.6.1 due to OpenGL.
  • Fix shaders compilation in some OpenGL ES 3.0 platforms (#1437).
  • Fix UTF-8 quest path encoding handling (#1429).
  • Fix UTF-8 file names in Lua Open File API for Windows (#1413).
  • Fix memory usage when visiting very large maps (#1395).
  • Fix crash when removing the shadow of a carried object (#1423).
  • Fix crash when stopping the movement of a thrown object (#1452).
  • Fix carried object shadow still displayed after removing it (#1436).
  • Fix animating hero sprites dynamically created (#1348).
  • Fix hero speed when going from deep water to shallow water (#1186).
  • Fix trail sprite not taking the hero’s direction (#1464).
  • Fix ground sprite still displayed while jumping (#1458).
  • Fix custom states wrongly affected by ground speeds (#1416).
  • Fix custom states not activating side teletransporters (#1448).
  • Fix streams continuing to act when the layer has changed.
  • Fix enemy:on_dying() not called when setting enemies life to zero (#1440).
  • Fix talking to NPCs while swimming (#1043).
  • Fix creating dynamic sprite with tileset anims (#1461).

Lua API changes

This release does not add new features to the Lua API.

Changes in Solarus Launcher 1.6.4

Solarus Launcher logo

  • Fix UTF-8 quest path encoding handling (#1429).
  • Add drag and drop functionality to add new quests (#1420).

Changes in Solarus Quest Editor 1.6.4

Solarus Quest Editor logo

  • Add Ocean Set tilesets to the initial quest (#478).
  • Map editor: fix contours generated tileset specific (#485).
  • Map editor: fix a crash when undoing changing the layer of entities (#471).
  • Tileset editor: save the update maps option when renaming patterns (#483).
  • Tileset editor: fix moving patterns to an overlapping position (#477).
  • Tileset editor: fix crash when a tileset file changes while dragging (#476).
  • Fix possible crash when closing the window.
  • Fix opening local documentation in Windows.
  • Fix tiles getting unwanted enabled_at_start field in map data files.
  • Fix spin boxes breaking the UI on Windows (#486).

Changes in Solarus Free Resource Pack 1.6.4

Solarus Free Resource Pack logo

  • Update Ocean’s Hearts tilesets.
  • Update OceanSet tilesets.
  • Fix sword running tunic animation.

Changes in Solarus ALTTP Pack 1.6.2

Solarus ALTTP Pack logo

  • Add pike enemies.
  • Add big chest sprite.
  • Fix HUD disappearing after game-over (#38).
  • Fix bari, eyegore and lynel enemies.