The new Lua scripting API discussed in my previous post is making good progress!

I have written the full documentation. The goal of the Solarus engine is to be a generic Zelda-like 2D game engine, so it needs a powerful scripting API, as well as good documentation to make it usable. This brand new Lua API allows to customize everything, including the menus and the head-up display. The documentation fully specifies every data type accessible from Lua with their methods and callbacks: map entities, menus, sprites, movements, savegame, etc.

If you are making a game with the Solarus engine, this Lua API reference will become your favorite website :) The API is still experimental, but most of the work is done. As it is getting more and more stable every day, I now keep the online documentation always up-to-date with the git branch solarus-1.0.0 of the engine.