Nous avons tout juste publié une version de maintenance pour Solarus, qui passe désormais en version 1.6.4. La version 1.6.3 sortie hier n’a été qu’éphémère, car elle a immédiatement été suivie de la suivante, à cause d’une correction importante.


Voici la liste complète des changements apportés par Solarus 1.6.4. Merci à tous les contributeurs.

Changements pour Solarus 1.6.4

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Changement du moteur

  • Fix macOS port not working since 1.6.1 due to OpenGL.
  • Fix shaders compilation in some OpenGL ES 3.0 platforms (#1437).
  • Fix UTF-8 quest path encoding handling (#1429).
  • Fix UTF-8 file names in Lua Open File API for Windows (#1413).
  • Fix memory usage when visiting very large maps (#1395).
  • Fix crash when removing the shadow of a carried object (#1423).
  • Fix crash when stopping the movement of a thrown object (#1452).
  • Fix carried object shadow still displayed after removing it (#1436).
  • Fix animating hero sprites dynamically created (#1348).
  • Fix hero speed when going from deep water to shallow water (#1186).
  • Fix trail sprite not taking the hero’s direction (#1464).
  • Fix ground sprite still displayed while jumping (#1458).
  • Fix custom states wrongly affected by ground speeds (#1416).
  • Fix custom states not activating side teletransporters (#1448).
  • Fix streams continuing to act when the layer has changed.
  • Fix enemy:on_dying() not called when setting enemies life to zero (#1440).
  • Fix talking to NPCs while swimming (#1043).
  • Fix creating dynamic sprite with tileset anims (#1461).

Changements de l’API Lua

This release does not add new features to the Lua API.

Changements pour Solarus Launcher 1.6.4

Solarus Launcher logo

  • Fix UTF-8 quest path encoding handling (#1429).
  • Add drag and drop functionality to add new quests (#1420).

Changements pour Solarus Quest Editor 1.6.4

Solarus Quest Editor logo

  • Add Ocean Set tilesets to the initial quest (#478).
  • Map editor: fix contours generated tileset specific (#485).
  • Map editor: fix a crash when undoing changing the layer of entities (#471).
  • Tileset editor: save the update maps option when renaming patterns (#483).
  • Tileset editor: fix moving patterns to an overlapping position (#477).
  • Tileset editor: fix crash when a tileset file changes while dragging (#476).
  • Fix possible crash when closing the window.
  • Fix opening local documentation in Windows.
  • Fix tiles getting unwanted enabled_at_start field in map data files.
  • Fix spin boxes breaking the UI on Windows (#486).

Changements pour Solarus Free Resource Pack 1.6.4

Solarus Free Resource Pack logo

  • Update Ocean’s Hearts tilesets.
  • Update OceanSet tilesets.
  • Fix sword running tunic animation.

Changements pour Solarus ALTTP Pack 1.6.2

Solarus ALTTP Pack logo

  • Add pike enemies.
  • Add big chest sprite.
  • Fix HUD disappearing after game-over (#38).
  • Fix bari, eyegore and lynel enemies.