Windows compilation finally documented

Windows compilation finally documented

A few days ago, I received an e-mail asking how I proceed to compile Solarus under Windows. That's because the compilation instructions were very incomplete. As I made a quite detailed answer, this problem is fixed: the compilation instructions

In short, I compile Solarus with Code::


With any Linux distribution, downloading and installing the libraries is totally trivial. One command line or one click, as you wish. But if you are using Windows, you probably have a good reason: you like pain challenge! Therefore, why don't you consider moving to the next step: compile for Mac OS X? This will clearly be another dimension of challenge.

More seriously, what I mean is that installing a Linux distribution in dual-boot next to your Windows system is much, much easier than getting all dependencies right and compiling in Windows.

(And I don't even talk about Mac OS X - I keep this topic for a future post.)